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Dora the Explorer

NickJr.'s Dora the Explorer Printable Stationary, Coloring Book, Valentine's Day Cards, Birthday Cards, Birthday Invitations, clipart pictures with Dora's friends Backpack, Map, Señor Tucán, Tico and Boots and even Diego!!

Dora Valentine's Day
Dora the Explorer TV Show characters
  • Dora the Explorer: Main character; Dora enjoys sports especially baseball and soccer; Dora openly loves her family, she loves Boots too; plays the flute
  • Boots the : Monkey; Dora's best friend; loves his red boots; he is gray with a yellow stomach; does frontflips, backflips, somersaults, and cartwheels; Boots also "loves" many things.
  • Swiper the Fox: a sneaky fox in a blue mask and gloves; steals or attempts to steal key items that help Dora on her adventures
  • Backpack: magic satchel; produces items simply could not fit or be inside it; present from her mother and father; to make Backpack open you have to say "Backpack"
  • Map: provides travel guidance and advice; resides in a side pocket on the Backpack; to make the Map come out you have to say "Map";
  • Señor Tucán: speaks Spanish
  • Fiesta Trio: group of three small animals: a grasshopper, a snail, and a frog; appear to congratulate Dora and Boots with music after they are successful in their quest
  • Isa: Iguana; very close friend of Dora's and an even closer friend of Boots; skilled gardener; loves to grow flowers of all kinds
  • Tico: Squirrel; lives in the forest and only speaks Spanish; wears a colorful striped vest, drives his little yellow car, purple fur, a round body, and small triangular stumps for arms and legs
  • Benny: Bull; friend of Dora's who lives in a barn, loves to eat, and often rides in a hot air balloon.
  • Other characters

    Human Characters

    • Papi: Dora's dad
    • Mami: Dora's mom
    • Abuela: Dora's grandma
    • Deigo Márquez: Dora's cousin
    • Daisy Márquez: Dora's cousin
    • Alicia Márquez: Dora's cousin
    • brother and sister: Dora's twin baby brother and sister
    • Dora’s teacher:
    • Boots’ music teacher:
    • King Bobo:
    • Santa Claus:

    Humanoid characters

    • Dancing: Elf
    • Mariana: The Mermaid

    Animals characters

    • Big Red Chicken:
    • Pirate Parrot:
    • Baby Blue Bird :
    • Baby Jaguar: Deigo's animal friend
    • The Grumpy Old Troll: requires a riddle to be solved before being allowed to cross his bridge
    • Baby Crab: also Cangrejito
    • Mama Bugga Bugga:
    • Wizzle: a cute creature who loves wishes
    • Leon: Circus Lion
    • Baby Dino: dinosaur
    • Little Monster:
    • Baby Bear:
    • Baby Pingüino:
    • Little Lamb:
    • Pinto: a Pony
    • El Coquí:
    • Baby Red Fish:
    • Pirate Pig: he has an eyepatch and a hat
    • Squishy Squid,: he loves music and also playing bongos
    • Friendly Bear:
    • Baby Fox:
    • Val: a Octopus
    • Little Kitten:
    • Friendly Dragon:
    • Sleeping Sloth:
    • Mountain Goat:
    • Banana Bird:
    • Fifi: a Skunk
    • Sami: a Hyena
    • Ying Ying: a Weasel
    • Fomkah the Bear:
    • :

    Anthropomorphic objects

    such as locomotives, boats, and automobiles with speaking roles; some episodes include talking trees, gates and walls

    • Azul: a Blue Train
    • Rojo: a Fire Truck
    • Chocolate Tree:
    • flower:
    • Jack-o-Lantern:
    • snowman:
    • Arco Iris:
    • Roberto : The Robot
    • Gassy: the Gas Pump
    • Little Star:
    • El Autobus: appears only in the episodes "The Missing Piece" and "La Maestra de Musica"
    • 10 Wheeler: big truck that has 10 wheels
    • Bulldozer:
    • Giant Crane:
    • Ice Cream Truck:
    • Tow Truck:
    • Ice Cream Cart:

    Explorer Stars:

    flying stars; have special powers that Dora uses to overcome obstacles

    • Baker Star: A job star that appears in "Job Day"
    • Baseball Star: A job star that can turn into a baseball
    • Cowgirl Star: A job star that appears in "Job Day"
    • Disco Star: Seen only in "Super Star." Apparently only has party capabilities
    • Glowy: Illuminates dark places and can melt goo with her hot rays
    • Hero Star: Has super strength
    • Mega: When helped by Ultra and Supra, the stars have super strength
    • Movie Star: A job star that appears in "Job Day"
    • Navy Star: A job star that appears in "Job Day".
    • Noisy Star: A loud star. Can wake most things up.
    • Pointer Star: In the game "Super Star." Stops children from getting lost
    • Police Star: Policia, a job star, that directs pedestrian traffic
    • Saltador: A star that can carry an object and have it jump the same height
    • Spy Star: Can video-record what someone is doing, and play it back on a small TV-like screen on its face. Wears a black hat and sunglasses
    • Supra: When helped by Ultra and Mega, the stars have super strength
    • Switchy: Can change shape (i.e., star, circle, square, etc.) Originally named, "Morph"
    • Tool Star: A star equipped with many tools
    • Ultra: When helped by Supra and Mega, the stars have super strength
    • Woo-Hoo: A baby star with no apparent powers

    Dora the Explorer cartoon characters are © Viacom

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